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Types of windshield cracks and when should you replace one

Learn about different types of windshield cracks and when to replace them. Don’t risk your safety on the road – check out our guide today.



Types of windshield cracks and when should you replace one

Last Updated on: 21st March 2023, 05:04 am

Driving a car in India is nothing short of a Herculean task. After all, here you have to save your car from cattle and bikers who can pounce on your car from almost nowhere with a roar. Then there are the highways that are an achievement unto themselves. The thing with glass is that it is glass, something that breaks. So, here we would focus on windshield cracks as they are an issue of serious concern. Before we proceed any further here, we would talk about the different kinds of cracks. 

Types of windshield cracks 

The first of these is a bull’s eye crack. This is one of the commonest kinds of cracks going around and may necessitate windshield crack repair under certain circumstances. They normally happen when your windscreen is hit by a small blunt rock. The impact in this case manifests itself as a circular crack and in certain cases, a small piece of the glass might fall off as well. The next name on this list would be a ding crack or a star crack. This is a rather common crack as well. As its name would suggest, it is caused when the windscreen is struck by a sharp object or rock. 

The impact in this case looks like a star-shaped cavity and a piece of glass chips off. If you do not address this issue with a windshield crack repair service it would escalate rather quickly. A combination break is when a sharp object or pebble strikes the windscreen. In some such cases, you have a combination break develop on the glass as the impact. It can be called the combination of a bull’s eye crack and a star crack. An edge crack is one that escalates from within two inches of the screen lining. Once again, you must get it repaired as it can otherwise become a rather long crack. There are certain situations where you may have to repair your windscreen and others where only a repair would do. If the crack is shorter than 12 inches you can repair it but if it is longer than 14 inches you would have to replace it. If your visibility is not being hampered a repair should be enough and if it is hampering your visibility you must replace it. No matter what you do you must get the work done by a top service provider such as Windshield Experts.

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