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SAP Business One Starter Package: Features, Benefits & Solutions



Sap Business Solution

SAP Business One Starter Package is a revolutionary ERP made specifically for MSMEs and startups. Most people have the misconception that only big businesses need ERP software. However, when a rapidly growing MSME leverages ERP from the very start, it gains a strategic advantage and is able to compete with the established players.

With SAP Business One Starter Package, startups can automate their business operations and establish a great sync among the departments. With every piece of information being presented in real-time, the Starter Package enables you to make data-driven decisions. It is a feature-packed ERP and yet within reach of MSMEs.

SAP Business One Starter Package Features

SAP Business One Starter Package provides all the main ERP functionalities such as-


The beauty of the SAP Business One Starter Package is that any transaction automatically triggers an update to the general ledger. You don’t have to update any complex spreadsheet manually. You can also set up budgets for various business transactions. SAP B1 starter package supports payment processing of any kind- cash, cheques, or credit cards.


Nurturing the customers is critical to the success of any business. With SAP Business One Starter Package, take control of the customer lifecycle management. From sending estimates and quotations to monitoring the buyer’s journey- this ERP facilitates the management of every stage.


SAP Business One Starter Package allows you to create an item master data that lists all the items you sell along with the price. When you create a sales order, the invoice gets auto-populated with the item name, unit price and total price. If you have the data of the customer, the customer data fields will also get auto populated. Even the granular data like from which warehouse the item should be picked up, the tax code that should be applied, discounts – SAP Business One Starter Package can automate all the steps in the sales process.


Automate the procurement with SAP B1 license. Just like the creation of sales orders, the creation of the Purchase Order leverages the Item Master Data and vendor data. From the Purchase Order itself, you can specify which warehouse you want the items to be delivered to and apply a tax. Based on the Purchase Order, the GL account gets auto-updated. The super user can set a limit to the number of items to be purchased.


With SAP Business One Starter Package, your inventory is seamlessly connected with other parts of your business. This means that whenever a sale or purchase happens, the inventory gets automatically updated. Managing warehouses is a breeze with SAP Starter Package. Easily monitor the item quantity, perform inventory valuations, and track warehouse transfers with this centralised ERP software.

Benefits of Opting For SAP Business One Starter Package

The implementation is hassle-free and takes just around 15 days to be completed. What’s more, if after a few years your business grows big (which it will), you can easily upgrade SAP Business One Starter Package to the full-blown SAP Business One professional edition. 

Forward thinking companies like Zelorra are opting for this ERP software from the very beginning of their journey. Living in the world of spreadsheets feels like having a heavy stone tied to your legs. With SAP Starter Package, break from the shackles of legacy spreadsheets. Experience a refreshing way of managing business operations with little manual intervention, nominal back-and-forths and crystal clear visibility of information.    

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