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Here are some corporate gift suggestions for employees in Singapore

Corporate gift giving can be a difficult task, but there are many great gift ideas out there that your staff will appreciate. Let’s Get Started!



Corporate gift for employees

Corporate giving is an easy, direct way to show your thanks to your staff. Finding the ideal gift to offer, however, is not so easy or uncomplicated. You don’t want to give your colleagues unoriginal or useless gifts that will just sit on their desks collecting dust. Here is a compilation of corporate gift suggestions in Singapore that will be greatly appreciated by your staff to assist you in your corporate gift-giving endeavours.

Ideas for Extraordinary Corporate Gifts

Do you enjoy sentimentality or are you creative? That is absolutely something that the employee gift suggestions in this area will assist with!

1. DIY Tote Bag Painting Gift Box

How recently have you worked with your hands to produce something? This tote bag painting kit that you can make yourself has the potential to be a fantastic team-building exercise. High-quality fabric paints, a painting palette, brushes, carbon paper (for tracing designs), and even a manual with step-by-step instructions for fabric painting are all included in the boxes. The gift boxes can also be personalised with additional wrapping. In addition, Streaks & Strokes provides free delivery within Singapore, whether it is to a single address or a number of them.

Ideas for Business Gifts from the Art Faculty

The fact that all of The Art Faculty’s employee gifts are created by artists with disabilities makes them especially unique. You’ll build brand equity through thoughtful corporate gifts in singapore to receiving high-quality and significant presents. Look at the three illustrations below, which were all created by artists who have autism.

2. Picnic Mat

Family time is crucial outside of work. Giving your staff this cheerfully printed picnic mat is a great way to encourage it. With its coated Oxford cotton construction, this waterproof mat makes the ideal addition to parks, gardens, poolside areas, or beaches. Additionally, it is exceedingly simple to fold and store thanks to a snap button strap.

3. Dessert Bowls Gift Set of 4

This set of four dessert bowls will make a nice addition to their kitchen if you know team members who value matching dinnerware.

Premium porcelain, which is tougher than bone china, is used to make the bowls. You won’t have to worry about giving a present that will break easily because they are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe in addition to being scratch and chip resistant.

4. Bamboo Fibre Cup

Are single-use coffee cups prevalent in your workplace? With this beautifully crafted Bamboo Fibre cup, you can encourage your staff to start using eco-friendly mugs and do their bit for the environment. 

These cups can hold liquids with temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 100 °C and are made of food-grade natural bamboo fibre. The lid cannot be put in the dishwasher with the cup, and it is not compatible with microwaves or ovens.

Corporate Gifts with a Personal Touch

It’s always nice to receive personalised business presents because they demonstrate an extra level of consideration on the part of the provider. Here are a few suggestions for unique corporate gifts!

5. Personalised Oasis Wooden Coasters

Even though these hardwood coasters are plain and exquisite on their own, the addition of the team name engraving elevates them to truly special gifts. There are two colour possibilities, which are lighter beech wood and dark walnut wood; five shape variations, such as round, square, flat, and square with a circular box; and 20 font style selections available. Alternatively, you can decide to exclude the name inscription or add a gift box. These Singapore-made, 100% recyclable coasters are an added treat.

 6. TerraExplorer Embossed Genuine Leather Passport Cover

Your staff will adore this stylish passport cover if your area of work necessitates frequent business travel. These custom passport covers, which come in four colours such as vintage brown, Persian plum, tangerine, and rich black and are made of real full-grain leather, are a terrific method to protect passports.

There is a limit of eight letters, but you can select between three different foil colours for stamping, which are gold, silver, and rose gold.

7. Vivid Matte Tumbler

Tumblers make it exceedingly easy to stay hydrated while working or traveling. Your staff could love receiving one of these cheerful and vibrant matte tumblers as a gift. To design genuinely unique pieces, one can mix and match eight tumbler colours, 20 font styles, and nine text colours. The stainless steel tumblers have a 590 mL capacity and a chip-and scratch-resistant coating.

8. Personalised Phone Holder

These individualised phone stands are compact, functional, and practical. You may personalise them by giving them names of up to 10 characters in length that are 3D-printed with eco-friendly plastic as well as a resin fill. The base is available in six different colours, such as black, galaxy red, galaxy black, galaxy grey, galaxy green, and galaxy pink, while the text is available in two hues, which are gold and silver.

Corporate Gift Ideas That Are Easy and Useful

Finding completely unique, never-before-seen employee gifts is something you shouldn’t always worry about. You could merely want to send a present that you know the individual will use. Corporate Gifts Singapore that are useful and suitable for use at home or at the office are the focus of this section.

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