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Gojek Clone: Guide to Launch App with Modern Features

Launching an on-demand Gojek Clone app is simple. The only effort an entrepreneur has to make is while selecting the clone app script that has modern features. Read the below article for more information.



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To launch an on-demand app like Gojek Clone, you need to find a clone app script. Note that a clone app script that has modern features can help you survive the competition. Why? Well, customers in present times are always searching for smart solutions that make their lives easier. Therefore, one such solution is the Gojek-like on-demand app that is integrated with all the modern features. 

Pre-integrated Modern Features of Gojek Clone App 

The on-demand multi-service app comes pre-integrated with several features your customers would have never seen earlier on a single app. Apart from the 82+ services offered on the app, the application integrated modern features like on-demand service booking, video calling, online payments, and more. 

Here are the top 5 modern features your customers will use frequently. 

gojek app clone
  1. Login with Face ID and Fingerprint  

Enable your customers to log in to the app using Face ID and Fingerprint. The biometric authentication system doesn’t require the customers to enter passwords or usernames. Thus, it is one of the most convenient features. 

Moreover, this provides 2X login security as no one can hack the account without the user’s FaceID or Fingerprint. 

  1. Voice note instructions 

The Gojek Clone app integrated one of the most useful features – voice note instructions. The feature allows the users to record and upload the delivery instructions in the voice note format on the app. The delivery drivers can listen to the recorded message once they pick up the order from the store, shop, or restaurant. 

The app users can easily instruct the delivery driver about routes, parking rules, or drop-off requests through voice messages. 

  1. OTP verification 

OTP verification is an essential app feature for taxi drivers, delivery drivers, and other service providers to confirm the service. To start the service, the providers enter and submit the four-digit verification code sent to the customer’s mobile number or email ID

The OTP verification step confirms that the service providers have reached the location and are ready to begin the job. 

  1. Item name searching 

Nobody has the time to scroll through the app to find what they need. Therefore, customers look for a search box and button the first thing they open the app. Thus, the Gojek Clone app allows the customers to search for the item or the store together. The customers must enter a relevant keyword and simply tap the search icon. 

Here’s an example: 

97TRMtUKhcDEtW2zCw2b6yFSdoFTe8UQBsyvARikD9uIDj6F4NEXTjKJT LV3gjk 5TbbkLV2K6yOCh zdUSZYxSbEklxHAQsIkBPSFLAY9 SicAfLXsowBTvmtB30Q xv8 ItmQrOUGGV brjQ93Dj3Lzx

5. Multiple credit card management 

Your customers can now add multiple credit cards to the app and choose one of them to make payments. Moreover, to add convenience to this feature, the app allows users/providers to add and remove cards according to their requirements. 

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Launching A Gojek Clone App With Modern Features

You have now read about the top 5 futuristic and modern features of the Gojek-like app. The next step is to launch them in the market. How can an entrepreneur do that without knowing about the on-demand app solution they plan to buy? 

This is where you are supposed to try the free demo app. Entrepreneurs are supposed to access the free demo app because of three key reasons: 

  • Take the trial to check the quality of the on-demand app solution. 
  • Learn about the different services and features of the app. 
  • Observe and customize the requirements of the app.
multi-service app

In conclusion: 

On the whole, the development of the Gojek Clone app with modern features requires you to find only a perfect clone app script. To find a perfect script, get started with finding the right white-labeling firm. 

Ensure that the firm has 10+ years of experience and a dedicated team of app developers, QA experts, marketers, and more! Another filter to pick the right firm is to look for the video testimonials of their clients on the website. 

Get the app today!  

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