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Eliquis Generic: Compare Apixaban Price Online



Eliquis Lowest price in USA

Apixaban is used to help prevent strokes and blood clots in people who have atrial fibrillation that is not caused by heart valve disease. The drug apixaban belongs to the group of drugs known as factor Xa inhibitors. It functions by inhibiting a particular natural compound that promotes the formation of blood clots.

What is the average cost of apixaban?

The cost of Eliquis varies depending on the pharmacy. For a 30-day supply of 60, 5 mg tablets, the dosage recommended for those with atrial fibrillation or severe blood clots like deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism, the average retail price of Eliquis without insurance is $626.15.

What is the lowest price for Generic Eliquis?

The cost of Eliquis without insurance varies depending on where you buy it and how many tablets come in a pack. For a pack of 60 Eliquis tablets, you can expect to pay around $42.99, and for 180 tablets, you can expect to pay around $73.09. There are many international pharmacies and USA pharmacies offer lowest price for Apixaban.

Apixaban 2.5mg – Lowest Price in Canadian Pharmacy & USA Pharmacies

Are you looking for ways to save on Eliquis prescription. In USA, it is much expensive while in other countries it is 10 times cheaper. Here are the list of pharmacies offer best price s for Apixaban 2.5mg (Generic equivalent to Eliquis 2.5mg):

PharmacyNo. of PillsPer Pill CostShipping ChargesTotal Price
SPF180 tablets$1.72Price includes $9.95 Shipping.$309.95
Inhalers Online180 tablets$0.71Free Shipping (for North America)$126.99
180 tablets$0.49Free Shipping (USA and Canada only)$87.84
Buy Low Drugs180 tablets$0.99Free Shipping$179.00
Canadian pharmacy store180 tablets$0.52Free Shipping$93.99
Canadian prescription drug store180 tablets$0.45Price includes $14.95 Shipping  (Free for first order)$80.95
Discount Canada Drugs180 tablets$0.53Price includes $9.95 Shipping  (Free for first order)$94.98
Life Rx Pharmacy180 tablets$0.41Price includes $9.00 Shipping  (Free for first order)$73.09
Medsengage180 tablets$0.44Price includes $9.95 Shipping  (Free for first order)$79.70
Offshore Cheap Meds180 tablets$0.43Price includes $9.95 Shipping  (Free for first order)$77.81
Pricepro Pharmacy Logo180 tablets$1.17Price includes $9.95 Shipping$209.95
Buy Low Drugs90 tablets$1.38Free Shipping$124.00
Life Rx Pharmacy90 tablets$0.49Price includes $9.00 Shipping  (Free for first order)$44.25
Medsengage90 tablets$0.54Price includes $9.95 Shipping  (Free for first order)$48.31
Offshore Cheap Meds90 tablets$0.53Price includes $9.95 Shipping  (Free for first order)$47.27
sunshine pharmacy60 tablets$2.08Price includes $9.95 Shipping.$124.95
Canadian pharmacy store60 tablets$0.72Free Shipping$42.99
Discount Canada Drugs60 tablets$0.72Price includes $9.95 Shipping  (Free for first order)$43.25
Pricepro Pharmacy Logo60 tablets$1.42Price includes $9.95 Shipping$84.95
Inhalers Online30 tablets$1.51Free Shipping (for North America)$45.37
30 tablets$1.36Free Shipping (USA and Canada only)$40.86

Is there a generic for eliquis?

Eliquis generics were recently approved, but due to a patent dispute, they may not be available until 2026. Because Eliquis can be costly, here are some trusted international pharmacies where you can save money while you wait.

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