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Best Healthcare Facility Management Software in 2024

Finding the best healthcare facility management system software is challenging! Learn about the intricacies of hospital facility management to find your required pick.



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Last Updated on: 11th November 2023, 05:03 pm

Healthcare facility management is becoming increasingly important – and progressively challenging – as the COVID-19 pandemic draws to an end. A facilities manager’s job continues to become more complex, whether confirming certification compliance or guaranteeing cybersecurity. This is why identifying and using the best facility management software system is imperative.

Yet, when it comes to healthcare facility management, often hospitals fail to find a tool that will benefit them most. This is because many people are yet to understand the functions of healthcare building management. 

Therefore, to clear your concept, this blog will highlight:

Healthcare Facilities Management Software: Overview

The management of healthcare facilities includes the development, maintenance, security, and operation of the building.

 It includes the use of man and technology, such as the healthcare facility management software for the administration of buildings that provide healthcare services, such as hospitals, long-term facilities, surgical centres, and clinics as well as maintaining all aspects of the facility.

Functions of Healthcare Facility Management

Facilities management – HFM – is responsible for maintaining, securing, and operating healthcare facilities. These duties run from handling large construction projects to sustaining federal compliance to everyday cleaning, supervision, and maintenance.

These are the three primary responsibilities of healthcare facilities management:

Compliance and Certification

Compliance and certification are critical to a healthcare organization’s success, and guaranteeing they are maintained is a facility manager’s primary responsibility. In addition to complying with laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act, building managers are responsible for maintaining certifications and accreditations, such as those issued by the Joint Commission. 

To accomplish this with ease, many managers use the best facility management software system. 

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Maintaining High-Quality Environmental Care

Healthcare facilities have a responsibility to ensure a safe and reliable Environment of Care (EoC) for their patients. Healthcare settings include both inpatient and outpatient settings. Providing a secure and efficient work environment for both staff and patients is the main goal of the EOC.

Teams of HFMs perform routine inspections to pinpoint and address any concerns in and around healthcare facilities, including:

  • Emergency Power
  • Fire monitoring
  • Air management
  • Water management

Managing Daily Operations

The daily operations of a healthcare facility involve the following:

  • Establishing safety policies and maintenance programs
  • Negotiating service contracts with outside vendors
  • Overseeing the design and area of new construction
  • Coordinating contractors for facility repair and construction needs. 
  • Ensuring legislative and facility compliance
  • Keeping tabs on medical supply equipment
  • Performing inspections of medical gas, HVAC systems, refrigerators, morgue
  • Overseeing utility management and electrical engineering
  • Performing fire and life safety assessments
  • Inspecting waiting rooms, patient rooms, operating rooms, etc. 
  • Installing all purchased gadgets and furniture
  • Developing and generating a hospital management budget. 
  • Meeting all security protocols and standards.
  • Inspecting buildings to fix any existing infrastructural damage
  • Ensuring hospital cleanliness
  • Looking out for needs for repairs or renovations

On that note, now that you are aware of the workload on hospital facility managers, it is evident that finding the best facility management software system is the smartest course of action. Find out in the next point!

Tips to Pick the Best Facility Management Software System (Healthcare)

When it comes to picking the best facility and asset management for healthcare, you must ensure that the software you pick offers the following solutions:

Accurate Asset Management

It is important to make sure that your physical hospital assets are getting the best ROI possible.

They measure factors such as operating costs and productivity. Asset managers may keep track of where and when assets are located within a facility, report usage data, and suggest maintenance schedules. Additionally, they may allow managers to set priorities for asset maintenance so they know what needs attention.

By acquiring the correct data, the asset management feature helps managers make quick & strategic decisions that save budget and elongate the life of facility equipment. Therefore, pick a software that offers high-quality asset management components.

Seamless Maintenance Management 

The best facility management software system will offer seamless maintenance management. So, make sure the software company you pick will help you accomplish the following –

  • Tracking and planning maintenance schedules
  • Recommending preventative maintenance
  • Creating and tracking workflow and employee functionality 
  • Tracking and administering facility inventory and vendor relationships
  • Prioritizing tasks based on the schedules of property managers
  • Developing checklists and workflow for facility managers

Optimal Use of Energy

Saving energy is indirectly proportional to saving money. Therefore, if you wish to control excess cost and expenditure, opt for energy-saving facility management software in 2022.

The best building management software comes with an energy management system that can track the use of resources like heat, water, and power across an entire facility. Using this data, the software can also forecast future usage, allowing managers to make necessary changes on the go.

Apart from these traits, also look for facility management software that provides excellent security benefits for the protection of patient data and welfare.

Conclusion: As this blog concludes, you might have a clearer concept of what to do for selecting the best facility management software system for your healthcare organization. Simply ensure to pick one that uses the latest technology stack and offers optimal ROI.

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