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7 Things to Know About Keyboard Setup Assistant Mac



Keyboard Set up for Mac

Last Updated on: 3rd October 2022, 01:47 pm

Normally, Mac users can connect and play when linking a new keyboard to their system. But, do you know you can’t use your keyboard until you identify it? Keyboard setup assistant Mac is an ideal solution to recognize your keyboard immediately.  

This article will explain to you what a keyboard setup assistant is, how to use it, and lots more associated things. Hence, if you are a new Mac user, start using the keyboard setup assistant if the changed keyboard type is hidden. So, let’s take a glance.  

What Is a Keyboard Setup Assistant?

Keyboard Setup Assistant on Mac will automatically appear to allow your device to easily figure out what keyboard is being used. Usually, resetting the keyboard settings is recommended to Mac users when finding difficulty with a keyboard.

If it doesn’t work, it proves extremely helpful to determine the keyboard type in Keyboard Setup Assistant. This can be done manually. But, your device can go into Keyboard Setup Assistant automatically as well. Wondering how? Keep reading to get its answer.

How to Find a Keyboard Type?

First, get the Keyboard Setup Assistant Mac to set up the keyboard. Then, access the Apple logo and click System Preferences. Now, choose Keyboard and tap on Change Keyboard Type. Hit Continue when you notice the Keyboard Setup Assistant window.

You may need to tap some keys, such as the function keys on MacBook, when your device recognizes a keyboard. It helps in specifying the keyboard type with the returned code. Press Z and ?/ when using an ANSI keyboard. Choose your keyboard type and tap Done.     

Keyboard Setup Assistant Not Working

If the MacBook Keyboard Setup Assistant is not working, reset the keyboard settings. It may stop working due to any reason, such as missing the Change Keyboard Type button. Resetting helps in triggering the setup manually. Unplug the external keyboard and tap Go in Finder.

Click Go to Folder. Copy and paste /Library/Preferences/ and press Enter. Find Remove it and empty the Trash. Plug the external keyboard again and configure it with Keyboard Setup Assistant.  

Change Keyboard Type Is Hidden

When the Keyboard Setup Assistant doesn’t pop up when plugging in a new Mac keyboard, enable it again. The keyboard type may reset for some reason. Running the Keyboard Setup Assistant again will help in easily selecting the layout.

Run sudo rm /Library/Preferences/ command to delete the keyboard preference plist. Now, restart your Mac. If you can’t do that, go to Settings, tap Keyboard, and then select Keyboard to find the button for manual setup.

Change Mac Keyboard Layout With Shortcut


Using a Mac keyboard shortcut is best when you have more than two keyboard layouts on Mac. It will help in switching between those layouts instead tapping the menu in the upper right section. You need to enable the shortcut as it is disabled by default.

Click System Preferences in the Apple menu. Click Keyboard and choose Shortcuts. Select Input Sources and tick ‘Select the previous input source’ to use Control and Space for switching. Tick ‘Select next source in Input menu’ to use Control + Option + Space.

Keyboard Setup Assistant Keeps Popping Up

After identifying the keyboard type, Keyboard Setup Assistant doesn’t pop up when plugging the keyboard again. If you still notice it when you restart or while plugging other Bluetooth devices, you need to solve this issue.

Tap the red close button to cancel it and let macOS consider the device as an ANSI keyboard. Change the keyboard type if the Assistant is working wrongly. Do that as an administrator. If it is still popping up, disable the Assistant by running commands using Terminal.

Mac Can’t Respond to Keys

Does your Mac not respond to pressing any keys on the keyboard? Does your keyboard show unexpected results on pressing some keys? If your answer is yes, then disconnect and reconnect your keyboard. Or you may try connecting the different keyboards on your MacBook.

If a new keyboard solves the issue, the problem is in your keyboard. In that case, ask for professional support. If none of the keys work on a built-in keyboard, then it might show a low battery alert. Check if you’ve accidentally set an option to change keyboard functions.

The Conclusion

Your Mac keyboard can’t be identified and used until it is recognized. However, it is not compulsory to use a keyboard setup assistant if your keyboard is working effectively. You can skip it when an additional USB input device is connected to your system.   

Resetting keyboard settings will also assist when your keyboard has the wrong keyboard layout. Hopefully, you will get helpful information about Keyboard Setup Assistant with this post. So, if your Mac can’t recognize the keyboard type, use the Assistant.

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