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10 Types of Shirts a Man Must Have



Men's shirts

One of the most clothing apparel a man has is a shirt, as he can never go wrong with a shirt wherever he goes no matter what time of the day. No matter if you are a boss, a student, an entrepreneur, an office guy, hanging out with friends, or even if you are in a formal meeting; a shirt can never go wrong. With so many options out there you can make the wrong choice of wearing the type of shirt for the right occasion. 

Every occasion needs a proper outfit. You can’t wear a polo shirt to your board meeting or you can’t wear a dress shirt to hang out with your friends. Every occasion has the right type of shirt. The clothes we wear tell more about us to the person we are talking to before we even exchange a few words. Below is the list of shirts which every man must have in their wardrobe.

Must-Have Shirts for Men


In the world of men’s shirts oxford, button-down shirts have always been a statement. The fabric is a little thicker than other shirtings, bringing out a classic edge to it. The versatility of this shirt makes it the best choice for your wardrobe, with the availability of different colors in this pattern and design. This is lovable by all, you can pair this shirt with jeans or chinos and walk through a wedding or your office you can never go wrong with these shirts. 

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No matter if you like wearing suits and formals or not but you’ll need one for any sudden event occurring. Suits and tuxedos need a special kind of shirt in them to bring the exact look you are looking for. Dress shirts have been in the industry for more than 100 years now and they never fail to bring the classic touch and elegance to your look.


With vintage clothing in the trend these Cuban collar shirts never go out of trend. The Cuban refers to the open collar part of the shirt. With open collars and short sleeves, Cuban shirts are very comfortable and they come in many unique patterns and allow the user a great space of creativity. If paired with classic trousers you can bring out the modern look of yours or rolled-up sleeves can give you the chic vibes you were searching for. This is the right choice for your summer outfits.


When it’s too hot to wear a coat and too cold to wear a simple t-shirt, an overshirt can work the best for you. These shirts are ideal choices when you have warm weather or even a little chilly weather. Lighter shades for casual meetings and darker shades for a bit formal places can work perfectly. You can even wear them to hide your bold tattoos at formal meetings without looking out of place. 


Even if you are out in a town chasing hens or you are in a city roaming around the roads flannel shirts will never disappoint you. This is a soft and versatile shirt which you can wear anywhere for any occasion. They look good in both plaid and plain patterns. You can wear it to layer up your outfit or you can button it up to give a casual look, or pair them up with boots to bring out your bold look.  Wearing them with a plain tee or casual jean or tying it around your waist can make you look right out of a Retro TV show. 


NO matter how much you hate wearing an office shirt but it will be the most used shirt in your wardrobe, imagine having a boss who wants you to look professional and sophisticated while you are at work and some might even ask you to wear a tie, so the need of an office shirt is very much. Getting this shirt tailored will be the best choice as these shirts should be of a proper fit to look good. Office shirts are mostly in light colors but you should always choose the color of shirts according to your skin tone and hair hues. 


These are perfect choices for comfortable and casual shirts for men. You can wear them for your day-to-day work even at a nighttime dinner without much thought. Choosing bold patterns and colors can make you look stylish yet comfortable. You can choose neutral and solid colors to blend yourself. 


A basic collar can bring so much difference to a simple tee. Polo shirts are the most loved shirts and a must-have in men’s wardrobe as they are suitable for many occasions and with so much variety of colors and patterns available you have thousands of options to choose from. With bold colors and neutrals, you get amazing and beautiful options. 


A denim shirt paired with faded worn-out jeans or vice versa can give you the masculine touch you were looking for. Carrying a casual blazer or even a tuxedo can give you a bold and classic look. But make sure to choose the right quality of denim as low-quality denim can be your worst choice. 


Summers make us uncomfortable wearing our favorite outfits but linen shirts can not only make you look amazing but these are the ideal choices of shirts for summers as they are lightweight and comfortable for warm weather. Be it a garden party or a trip on a yacht this breathable fabric can help you be comfortable and enjoy the moment you are living.

Be it a formal occasion or a casual outing the best outfit a man can carry is a shirt, shirts made of high-quality fabric can make it look more rich and elegant compared to the lower quality. With several shirt options available you should have a few types of shirts in your wardrobe to be ready for upcoming events and occasions.

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