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10 Benefits of TaxWise Hosting for Tax and Accounting Firms



Taxwise hosting

Profitability and sustainability serve as nerves of any business. All successful businesses focus on maintaining their operational continuity which will, in turn, drive profitability to the next levels. However, one of the many things that have the potential to reduce the profit levels significantly is inefficient tax handling. Like most business owners, you might have switched to TaxWise tax software to streamline the tax preparation and return filing process.

TaxWise, being a leading software designed by Wolters Kluwer, is meant to simplify the life of tax preparers with its in-built tools and resources. Despite its feature-rich interface, you cannot use it remotely unless you opt for TaxWise cloud hosting

Top 10 TaxWise software hosting benefits:

  1. Remote TaxWise access

The quest for cloud-hosted tax applications starts with looking for the remote accessibility feature. Being able to use TaxWise software from wherever you are is a powerful capability. At its root, it requires pairing the features of your licensed TaxWise software with that of cloud technology. It’s not rocket science to understand how you get to access the software remotely with TaxWise hosting.

In the local-hosted environment, you need to install the software on a computer system and can access it when you are near to that system. TaxWise software hosting allows you to host the software on a remotely-located cloud server that you can access from anywhere using authorized credentials.

  1. 24×7 Cloud-hosting Support

Handling technical glitches related to cloud hosting is a simple process. However, when not handled the way it should be, a small snowflake issue can turn into an avalanche, leading to significant downtime and impacting work productivity. This is where cloud-hosting support comes into the picture.

Imagine running into a server access issue at midnight when you need to make changes to a tax file saved on the cloud. You can simply call or email your TaxWise cloud hosting provider for assistance in resolving the issue and get help right away. This way, the magic of cloud technology will benefit your business to grow over time without hassles.

  1. Team collaboration

For most businesses, efficient team collaboration is when the hired team members can invest their time and effort in utilizing their skills instead of working on redundant, time-consuming tasks. In effect, it is the system that you have already made at work that allows them to follow a fixed task pattern for tax preparation. 

Realistically, team collaboration becomes much more profound and efficient when you switch to TaxWise hosting. For instance, the tax professionals you have hired can simultaneously work on the hosted TaxWise on cloud and data files, thus minimizing the redundant efforts to be applied when at work.

  1. Lesser risk of data loss

Of course, your business will grow when you work for more clients and bring in more sales. But handling tax data related to your business can go out of your control unless you invest in the required manpower and technological support. Losing sales data, for example, can result in a subsequent loss of reputation for your business. In other words, relying only on the in-house tech setup to keep the data secure and your financial boat stable would be unwise.

Thanks to TaxWise cloud hosting, maintaining data security is easier than you could think. The all-inclusive hosting plan also covers the security side of cloud servers to ensure that you focus on business growth without worries in mind. 

  1. Maximum server uptime

Imagine a scenario where your tax team can work with maximum productivity and the least human errors. They can access TaxWise software that your firm has invested in whenever they want, be it from the office premise, their homes, or on the go. If this is something you are happy with, then you wouldn’t have to plan for technical emergencies and downtime. 

This is what technological freedom looks like, which is possible in the real world with the help of TaxWise software hosting. A smart selection of a cloud hosting plan that ensures maximum server uptime is probably the best way to prevent financial losses resulting from long-lasting downtime.

  1. Managed hosting solutions

Can you handle the required IT infrastructure on your own or need external help? This is quite a business-specific question that only you can answer. For instance, you cannot configure a local server unless you have the technical knowledge and expertise to do so. Your preference, resources, experience, and budget have a role to play in narrowing down the IT needs.

With TaxWise hosting, managing the infrastructure in-house is out of the picture. You need not install TaxWise software on any local computer. The cloud hosting provider will take care of this side and set everything up for your team.

  1. Business continuity

There are dozens of tax software available in the market, TaxWise being one of them. In parallel, there are dozens of reasons for technical glitches that may arise as you use them. If you come across an error in a lesser-known software you have started using for tax preparation, the chances are you will face inevitable downtime to get it resolved. Whether it is the turnaround time of the software support team, server control configuration, or anything else, you are bound to lose work hours in the hands of uncertainty.

The impact of such situations can be minimized when you switch to hosted TaxWise on the cloud.

  1. Paperless tax preparation

If the business owner in you also cares for the environment, you would certainly want to minimize the use of paper which is apparently impossible when dealing with tax preparation. TaxWise hosting is probably one of the best ways to ensure you have your eyes on environmental protection while also growing your business.

Having a cloud server within your reach simply means all the tax files will be stored digitally, thus creating a paperless environment for tax preparation. If your team members are good at making changes in the data and filing tax returns online without depending on physical copies of tax files, cloud hosting is meant for your business. 

  1. External integrations

Yet another increasingly common way to add more features to TaxWise software is by selecting various suitable add-ons. While most of these add-ons (like Return Retrieval, TaxWise mobile, Refund Estimator, and alike) are easy to integrate with the desktop version of the software, what do you know about their cloud integration? More importantly, is it possible to host TaxWise software on the cloud along with its add-ons?

The answer is – Yes.

TaxWise cloud hosting simply implies easy integration with TaxWise add-ons. Most cloud solution providers allow third-party add-on integrations on cloud servers. The selected add-ons will be seamlessly integrated with the software to benefit you with the tax preparation processes instantly.

  1. No hidden charges

As you might expect, many technology-based services often come up with hidden charges that further add value to the total price payable. The same does not hold true with the reliable cloud hosting solutions. 

In most cases, you only need to pay for the cloud hosting plan you select based on your team size and additional taxes if any. 

Parting Thoughts

As you can tell now, streamlining the tax preparation process is not about any get-done-faster scheme. It requires time, effort, and careful selection of a TaxWise software hosting provider to set up an efficient system in place. 

Tracy G. Wade is a writer and editor who has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years. She has written for both print and online publications, and her work has been published in several languages. Tracy is a native English speaker and has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley.