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Title: Bishop Cabajar appoints new SCC President and VP for Finance and Administration
Author: Maryjane Omandam
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SCC's Journey With the New Administrators Most Reverend Emmanuel Cabajar, Bishop of the Diocese of Pagadian, spearheaded the in...

SCC's Journey With the New Administrators

Most Reverend Emmanuel Cabajar, Bishop of the Diocese of Pagadian, spearheaded the installation of the new priest administrators: Rev. Fr. Rico Sayson, JCL, President and Rev. Fr. Lloyd Alvin Mosqueda, Vice President for Administration and Finance of Saint Columban College on January 11, 2017 at the Sto Nino Cathedral, Pagadian City. All the departments from Grade school to Graduate School witnessed the formal rite of the turn over of responsibility to the new appointed administrators.


In all forms of organizations, changes of leaders are expected. For some, it is a breather, while others believe to be complicated. But as the cliche' goes, the only permanent thing in the world is constant change, change must be embraced with open hearts. Change must be experienced for the institution to keep growing and continue evolving to various aspects unexplored in the past. When change is taking place in an institution, larger lenses to see different angles for development can be used. New innovations may set in and so the institution will flourish all the more.

For many people, change is excruciating, unbearable, and stressful. When people get to be comfortable of the present condition, it is expected from them to resist and find it so hard to get along with the new leaders. Because of the pains and discomforts bring about by change, people can hardly see the good side of it and fail to rationalize the situation and taking it against the leaders to be causes of all the distresses in an institution. It will leave a scar in every heart and create tensions until finally it destroys the institution.


Change brings a new beginning for a new hope and development. This will test a brave heart who dares to change for a more active and positive attitude committed to contribute something good for the development of the institution regardless of the people leading the group. For sure, change is always accompanied with new rules, guidelines, and policies to follow but this will set everyone to follow the same direction in attaining the institution's goal and objectives. When every member in an institution follows the same course of direction, the hope of keeping the institution to be at its best will surely be savored by many who benefited the services rendered.


For sure changes will be observed in the SCC community in the transition period. For over five decades now, Saint Columban has experienced lots of transformation in several aspects and it withstands the tests of time. The message of this is that SCC will be the agent of change in every heart of the people who coexist in search for a better life and a meaningful future.


With the cooperation and dedication of the faculty and staff, there's no doubt the new priest administrators will be able to bring SCC at its finest and make a history of Saint Columban that will be cherished for life. Another chapter of Saint Columban has just started with Fr. Rico and Fr. Lloyd as booming leaders to serve the school as trusted appointees by the Bishop. This would be a challenging journey for everybody but certainly, a very vibrant one that requires unity and teamwork. By embracing all the changes that will take place anytime, SCC will surely continue to soar high in giving quality education in the province of Zamboanga del Sur.

To Fr. Gilbert and Fr Belstar, thank you for the legacy you have left behind. You have taught us to invest in the potentialities of each one to bring out only the best in us in serving SCC. You have allowed us to fully grow in our respective workplace and our journey with you for a decade is indeed worth remembering for. There was no boundary, only trust. No fear, only friendship. Efforts and mind boggling discussions in meetings were exhausting but it yielded so much success in every endeavor that the team had gone through.

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