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Title: "SCC, home of public servants, it's the abode of real missionaries" Fr. Belstar Ediang
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Alumni Public Servants and Missionaries return home to SCC YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL ! The Golden Jubilarians Batch '66 pose with Fr. ...

Alumni Public Servants and Missionaries return home to SCC

YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL! The Golden Jubilarians Batch '66 pose with Fr. Belstar Ediang after the Holy Eucharistic Celebration at the YDC-Gym.

Rev. Fr. Belstar O. Ediang, Vice President for Administration and Finance welcomed the Golden Jubilarians and the SCC Alumni Employees of the Provincial Government during the mass at the YDC. He said that SCC is the real home where public servants and missionaries proliferate. SCC as the producer of the great leaders in the country continues to reign as the best school in the Province of Zamboanga Del Sur. The concrete example is the father of the Province in the person of Gov. Antonio H. Cerilles is an alumnus of SCCHS and most of the employees serving in the different offices of the province are graduates of SCC who are capable of organizing a production for the night.

Day 3 of the 59th SCC Panagdait Panagdait Festival was set for the BEC Day and SCC Alumni Employees' Provincial Government Night. The input of Rev. Fr. Pepito Suarin on the significance of Basic Ecclesial Community  marked the opening of the day's series of activities. Fr Suarin shared several documents and references to deepen more the understanding of the SCC employees why we hold BEC every month in the school. Because of the said activity, Fr. Suarin named SCC as Small Christian Communities where the employees share the spirit of oneness in understanding the message of the Gospel in relation to the presenting phenomenon in the world today. In so doing, it may inspire every employee to live out the SCCACTS in their day to day life in responding the many facets of challenges that could somehow mislead them along the way.

In the afternoon, all the BECs are already prepared with their respective blessed Saint adorned beautifully for the procession. Part of the program was to portray the life of the Saint they represent. In the portrayal of the Saints' life, it was clearly understood how and why they proclaimed Saints. All of them fought for their faith till the last breath of their life.Their lives served as the best inspiration for the Christians. They modeled the life inspired by Christ as the greatest model of mankind.

The culmination of the day's activity was the night of the employees where all of them showcased the different dances from the 60's to present. The showcase of talents was indeed entertaining and electrifying. Who can imagine reviving the dances and songs back in the 60 with their enchanting voices and stimulating moves. The message of the Governor was delivered by the Board member  Roque Yamba and  Board member Pitogo closed the  program. There was dinner  served shared by everyone.


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