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Title: SCC Golden Jubilarians donate 100,000.00 for Covered Court Construction
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Golden Jubilarians challenge Saint Columban College to work for University Status "They are now called golden not because of th...

Golden Jubilarians challenge Saint Columban College to work for University Status

"They are now called golden not because of their age but because of their golden deeds." Fr. Belstar Ediang

Ms. Loureli Carreon Siy, representative of Golden Jubilarians Batch '66, challenged Rev. Fr. Gilbert M. Hingone, Stl, president of Saint Columban College (SCC) to comply the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) requirements to raise the bar of SCC to University status and become the first ever University in Pagadian City and the province of Zamboanga del Sur after she shared her nostalgic experiences in Saint Columban High School 50 years ago.

Siy had lots of memorable experiences shared during their high school time. She vividly recalled how their teachers influenced and inspired them in all classes and activities they had. She could still reminisce their classrooms to be the school's stage so every time they had activities, they didn't have their classes as well. But she reiterated that this also gave them opportunity to become productive with classmates having alternative classroom learning aside from strengthening brotherhood and camaraderie with the rest of her batch mates among others. 

Those momentous experiences with their teachers made them loved teaching so no wonder why almost all of them became teachers as well in their respective fields and retired from work as supervisors and leaders in their own institution. Although there were some who retired from Department of Works and Highways, Department of Health, Department of Agrarian Reforms and also few entrepreneurs, while there were those who chose to engage in farming.

Before she ended her nostalgic memories of SCC, she declared that their batch as the golden jubilarians of 2016 was challenged with Rev. Fr. Belstar O. Ediang in his speech during the Grand Alumni Home Coming urging Alumni to donate for the construction of the Alumni Association Covered Court project. For years, they have been triumphant in all their endeavors in life so now is the time to pay back their Alma Mater and they are donating 100,000.00 to be the first ever batch to buy the platinum plate for the Wall of honors of the said project.

Their batch also beat the Batch '64 back to back winner of the CHAMPION OF LIFE Award. They have beaten the Batch '64 with their number of attendees during the Grand Alumni Home Coming. They also completed the 9-day Novena Masses until the Feast Day. 

The following golden Jubilarians who made it to the end of the 59th Founding Anniversary of the SCC:
1. Batiquin, Arturo T.
2. Dioso, Ricardo Jr. Z.
3. Jaranilla, Eduardo
4. Lumbay, Timoteo A.
5. Sabate, Fred V.
6. Seit, Susano G.
1. Alcido, Vilma
2. Arao, Florence
3. Bautista, Vivian - Dacula
4. Cabristante, Jovita
5. Cadag, Edelene A
6. Carreon, Loureli-Siy
7. Castillo, Noemi D-Canete
8. Comique, Irene M.
9. Cruz, Julieta J-Aaron
10. Elorde, Helen C
11. Escultos, Rebecca B-Crijns
12. Facelo, Consuelo C.
13. Galicinao, Rizalina A-Dioso
14. Gementiza, Evelyn A.
15. Gonzales, Evelyn A
16. Lee, Jean
17. Madrid, Virginia -Lim
18. Malabanan, Teodora C-Promentilla
19. Mas, Ma. Bella S-Tandoc
20. Miranda, Anisaria F-Saldivar
21. Misanes, Birginia R.
22. Mong, Carmelita L-Dublin
23. Oh, Clarita
24. Pena, Sonia Dela S-Lumbay
25. Queranti, Vismin-Soriano
26. Roldan, Imelda H-Uy
27. Sanchez, Vivian E-Lofranco
28. Sandalo, Florita A.
29. Sulay, Luzminda F.
30. Sulay, Josephine
31. Toledo, Nimfa M.
32. Vasquez, Delia S.
33, Villanueva, Genoveva Y-Magsino
34. Marina Olmedo-Entia

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