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Title: The Infinite Beauty of BORACAY
Author: Maryjane Omandam
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A JOURNEY TO REMEMBER... Traversing the long, winding, and bumpy road like riding a roller coaster fun-ride seems unbearable. A ni...


Traversing the long, winding, and bumpy road like riding a roller coaster fun-ride seems unbearable.
A night and a day's travel exhausts the body that wants to be pampered with a soft and pure white linen and soaked oneself in a huge drooping cushion, then sleep like tomorrow never comes.

Everything was just like a dream when my consciousness was deliberately encroached with the piercing rays of the sun passing through my window pane. The luxurious room was a bit murky that made me completely bewildered of where I was. Feeling sluggish to get up, turned the huge led TV on just in front of me and hastily I realized I was in Paradise.

Not missing a single second to explore the exquisite and splendor of the place, I ran to and fro over the window like a child with great awe and wonder. From the place where I was, I could see vividly the state of the art design water pool filled with tourists from all over the world having great fun. Looking from the other side of the room, there I saw the enticing crystal clear blue water of the sea surrounded with very fine sugar-like sand of the beach.

The thrill lingered all the more as I wandered around the island to crystal cove water with their sumptuous food for lunch to the crocodile island for a one of a kind diving and snorkeling experience. Then in a while, I was completely delighted with the exhilarating parasailing experience allowing me to see visibly the entire richness of the place. That ordinary day with extra-ordinary activities was indeed worth-remembering for. But to my astonishment, I ended my day at the grotto of Mother Mary where I witnessed the perfect viewing of the sun kissed the tip of the mountain as it finally hid its illuminating rays and welcomed the dusk beneath.

Various music of rock en roll to an enchanting love songs simultaneously played from the different resto bars along the beach that signaled the nightlife party was on. People from all ages filled the long shoreline of the island ready to party. As the night completely set in, I was bewildered with the fire dancers showcasing their exceptional talents swallowing gas and blowing fire through their mouth.

I haven't intimately in touch with the magnificence of nature yet as I was so engrossed of the grandiosity of  the scenery around, but deep within me was already gratified with the infinite beauty of BORACAY.

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