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BE A LIFE COACH AND SAVE LIFE... Having only few hours of writing a concept paper for a regional vetting was indeed like scribbling ...


Having only few hours of writing a concept paper for a regional vetting was indeed like scribbling a pen of a hopeless fool expecting something positive to happen.After trying to squeeze my mind of coming up one concept paper as we were asked to write, I was unmindful of what happened next. So then
result came and as expected, my paper was not named as one of the best concept paper out of the seven entries from school and maybe a hundred from other institutions. Honestly, there was a feeling of relief deep within coz I knew I was spared from the tedious work of preparing the complete proposal.

Three days before the defense in zamboanga city, Ma'am Nora, my ever active and supportive bossimg, called me up and broke the bad or good news (I am not sure how to take it) that my paper was accepted together with four others in the region and I need to write the complete paper for my proposal on Life Coaching to High Risk and Drug Dependent Youth Population. I was dead I thought considering the many responsibilities I have in the office and my study and in my family.

Dumbfounded as I was, for a moment there was a feeling of disbelief and later on all the anxiousness crept in my
senses thinking how would I be able to finish the proposal in just a night and a day.
It was anticipated of me that I kinda burned my candle for the night and closed myself inside my room away from anyone until 3 in the afternoon and even missed meal not to be interrupted of what I was doing that time. It was my experience as a neophyte in this endeavor. PAPER IS DONE. Feeling liberated from all tensions knowing that I beat the deadline, I dropped by the cathedral to literally light a candle to offer some thanksgiving prayer for His outpouring guidance.

"Lord, you did not spare me from all of this, be with me coz I can never do this alone to the finishing line without your divine providence. But I leave everything to you Lord, just give us the wisdom that we need to defend the paper and your enlightenment to the panel and whatever is your plan for me and the beneficiaries of this project, I know that you know what's best for all of us." I felt like giving all the pressure to Him but that's the way I converse to Him.

Waking up at 1 am almost every week due to my requirements in school seemed an ordinary thing for me already. SO that's not bothering as it may seem. The real challenge here is to beat the traveling time as we need to get to zamboanga at 8:00 o'clock in the morning for the defense coz there were five groups from saint columban and the morning was allotted for us.The group was worried coz the driver dint come on time thinking that Zamboanga was around six hour drive and it was four in the morning already.Meanwhile, we arrived in Lantaka Hotel where the venue of defense was held. 

All of us were so groggy and we only had a minute to freshen up and be on our formal attire. All my nerves were shivering and feeling like shrinking thinking the six panels inside the room. There was no way running away so devonni and I had to cross our fingers and in a wink of an aye we just found ourselves talking and laughing inside with the panels feeling relaxed and confident of the things I was talking with the panel.It was indeed a respite to all of us recalling all the awkward experiences we had at the hotel. This is because we just realize that we were already traveling back home. And all that remained in me was a feeling of elation that I made it through the defense level unleashing the potentiality I never realize I've got.

Weeks had past one talked about about the proposal thing as everybody was also busy preparing the documents for PAASCU. And then a text message came in my inbox and it's coming from my VP academics congratulating me for my paper qualified in the national level. I was teary eyed at the other line of the phone and no words had escaped from my mouth as I was in disbelief and suddenly all the things that I had done, the sleepless night, the nerve-breaking feeling of defending the paper came back to my senses again and all I uttered was THANK YOU LORD.

Once again I witnessed God's insurmountable power, so unfathomable that made me so dependent on Him all the more because I believe it's all coming from Him. Coz I have to admit, I had no idea how to do it but He sent me Ma'am Nora who accompanied me in the process. Indeed, that was my humbling experience of Him again with His mighty power of intervention and guidance.

"OH GOD, YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF ALL ABUNDANT BLESSINGS." I am a living witness of His mysterious plan for the youth for He.always makes a way. Forgetting about the result for I know it's gonna be difficult to find a slot in the funding as there are lots of writers all over the Philippines for a project proposal and I was already contented that I reached to the final level.But the again, I seemed to underestimate God's power and plan this time. JUST the other day another text message came congratulating me for my proposal was chosen in the national level and will be funded by the Commission on Higher Education under the IDIG project.

Feeling victorious yet afraid what's gonna happen next in.leading the implementation of this entire project but with my greatest and ever powerful implementer, everything will be possible. This project is a life changing experience working with the youth as a life coach.

The satisfaction one can get in this endeavor is priceless so I am inviting everyone who has the heart for the youth to join with me in this project in combating and eradicating this phenomenon in the country and the world... I urge every local and national agencies, government and non government organization including religious organizations and all sects to act on this and be the agent of change to this special population.

Let us unite our hands together 
to have a drug free nation.

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