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Title: Guidance counselors are Life Coaches
Author: Maryjane Omandam
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The ultimate model of life coaching is the greatest teacher Himself,  Jesus Christ. He stood firm for the truth, He fought for the oppress...

The ultimate model of life coaching is the greatest teacher Himself, Jesus Christ.He stood firm for the truth,He fought for the oppressed.He searched for the lost.He worked for justice.He taught the way of life.He calmed down the weary.He healed the sick.He loved the unlovable.He forgave the lawless.He comforted the depressed.He remained faithful to the Father.He obeyed what has been written.        and among many others,He died for the sinners.

We, as life coaches, must emulate the works of mercy Jesus had modeled to us. We need to work for the welfare of the clienteles, fight for their rights, and live what we teach. If we want some changes in our society, we must have some changes in our hearts and that is to give more love to our work and our clients. We must not just stay in the fully air conditioned room of our offices but must expose ourselves to the community to fully understand our clients' situations and problems. We need to link with people because developing the young ones being in the academe is not a one man show action, it's everybody's concern.

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